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Health and Social Care


Welcome to the Health and Social Care Page. Health and Social Care follows the Cambridge Nationals Diploma Certificate and is taught from KS4 to KS5. The course is graded slightly different to GCSE's however, it is a highly recognised programme and equivalent to GCSE's. Throughout the course students will learn specialist skills and knowledge needed to work in various care settings. Students will be assessed in a range of ways which include, coursework, exams and a practical component. This will give students the opportunity to enhance the wider variety of skills needed within the care industry. Students who study the course often go on to further education to specialise one of the career paths below. 

Year Group Road Map





Recovery curriculum


The Health and Social care Department are committed to ensuring that your child is not disadvantaged from the current circumstances. We have managed to keep the content for each year group the same and we have two interventions slots to provide extra time and support for students. Following OCR's advice we are focusing on the mandatory subjects first and we have extra time at the end of the year to focus on each bit of coursework and making improvements.

 Recovery Curriculum


 Year 10


Throughout year 10 students will be explore the different aspects of human welfare. They will be completing a First aid unit and Values of care unit. Within First aid students will be develop a range of skills including; be able to write about the different elements of First Aid, be able to perform basic First Aid Procedures and, to be able to reflect on how the Role of a First Aider contributes to the wider community of the Health and Social Care industry.