Claremont High School Academy

History - A level and GCSE



Students in Year 10 and Year 11 opt to study History. About 60% of the year group decide to study the subject. The department currently follow the AQA B course, which focuses on 20th Century History. From September 2016 we will be following the SHP GCSE course.


At present, we study the following units: 


Unit 1: International Relations 1945-1991

Unit 2: Vietnam, Weimar & Nazi Germany

Unit 3: Britain during the Wars (Coursework unit)



At present, we follow the AQA A Level Course and teach the following units across Year 12 (AS) and Year 13 (A2):


The Age of the Crusades 1071-1204

The Making of Modern Britain 1951-2007

The Road to Indian Independence 1847-1947 (coursework)


All A-Level units are taught by specialist History teachers who have considerable expertise in their taught area.